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Microsoft’s Copilot: GPT-Powered Chatbot Goes Standalone on Android

Microsoft's Copilot: GPT-Powered Chatbot Goes Standalone on Android

Microsoft’s GPT-powered AI chatbot, Copilot, has made its debut as a standalone app on the Android platform, eliminating the need for a separate Bing mobile app. Now available on the Google Play Store, Copilot offers users a streamlined and independent experience, mirroring the functionalities of ChatGPT.

Distinguishing itself from competitors like Inflection’s Pi chatbot, Copilot is accessible across most regions on the Google Play Store. While Android users can now enjoy the benefits of Copilot, Apple users will need to exercise patience, as there is currently no iOS app available.

The Copilot app on Android incorporates chatbot capabilities, the DALL-E 3 image generator, and facilitates quick email and document writing. Notably, it provides access to premium features like the GPT-4 model, a paid offering on ChatGPT. Originally known as Bing Chat, Copilot was integrated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine and has now evolved into a more independent entity with its own dedicated website,

This expansion into mobile apps aligns with Microsoft’s recent rebranding of Bing Chat Enterprise to Copilot, showcasing the company’s commitment to broadening the accessibility and functionality of its AI chatbot technology. While iOS users eagerly anticipate an app tailored to their devices, the availability of Copilot on Android signifies a significant step towards reaching a wider user base.

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