Iran, Pakistan Seek Completion of Stalled Gas Pipeline Project

Iran, Pakistan Seek Completion of Stalled Gas Pipeline Project

Iran and Pakistan are exploring ways to revive the long-delayed gas pipeline project, according to Iran’s Consul General to Pakistan, Hassan Nourian. This comes as Pakistan’s 10-year extension to complete the project nears its September deadline.

The 2010 agreement aimed to build a 1,900-kilometer pipeline from Iran’s gas fields to Pakistan, supplying crucial natural gas for 25 years. However, Pakistan has yet to begin construction, citing concerns over US sanctions on Iran.

While Iran has reportedly invested $2 billion in its portion of the pipeline, Pakistan’s inaction has frustrated Iranian officials. While the Consul General expressed optimism about Pakistan’s political commitment to the project, the potential for legal action by Iran remains a looming threat.

Discussions are ongoing, but the future of the pipeline hangs in the balance. Whether Pakistan can overcome the sanctions hurdle and complete its side of the project within the remaining months is a critical question for both nations.

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