India launches another AI news anchor

India launches another AI news anchor

As the world witnesses a growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and its advancements, India’s tech and AI industry has been experiencing a rapid surge in growth.

While many developers continue to explore the vast potential of AI, trying to comprehend its complexities and implications, several companies have already achieved astounding levels of AI integration, leaving people in awe.

A leading news station based in Odisha, known as Odisha TV (OTV), has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing their first AI news anchor named Lisa, aiming to revolutionize television broadcasting.

OTV made an exciting announcement on Twitter, introducing Lisa as “OTV and Odisha’s first AI news anchor, set to transform TV Broadcasting & Journalism.”

Lisa, the AI news anchor, possesses an incredible ability to deliver news seamlessly in multiple languages, including Odia alongside English, catering to OTV and its digital platforms.

In a video shared by the Indian broadcaster, Lisa introduced herself with astonishing lifelike features, speaking fluently in English. She expressed her debut as a “historic moment” and shared her upcoming role in delivering news updates.

OTV revealed that training Lisa to speak in Odia has been a significant endeavor and is still a work in progress. They expressed their aspirations to further enhance the AI presenter’s capabilities to enable seamless interactions with others.

Moreover, another Indian channel in Kannada has also introduced its AI presenter, Soundarya, who leads her own news show.

Prior to this, the India Today Group had also unveiled its inaugural AI news anchor, Sana. Described as “bright, gorgeous, ageless, tireless, and proficient in multiple languages, with the ability to be controlled at all times.”