Gmail’s new feature will shock you to no end

Gmail is getting an emoji makeover, making it easier for users to express themselves in professional emails. The update allows Gmail users to react to emails using emojis, a feature commonly seen in messaging apps.

The emoji reactions are currently available in the mobile version of Gmail, but if it gains popularity, it’s expected to roll out to iOS and the web.

To use the feature, users simply open an email, scroll down, and find the emoji reaction button next to the reply and forward options. Tapping the button brings up a selection of emojis to choose from, allowing users to convey their reactions quickly and visually.

Users aren’t limited to Google’s default emoji selection; they can tap the plus button to add additional emojis of their choice. All reactions are visible at the bottom of the email, and tapping and holding on a reaction shows who reacted in that way. Tapping an existing reaction without holding it adds more reactions to the same emoji counter.

Some emojis, like the party popper, trigger a full-page celebration, and Google hints at more interactive features for certain emojis in the future. Users also have the option to remove an emoji reaction by tapping “Undo” immediately after creating it.

This update adds a touch of fun and expressiveness to Gmail, making it easier for users to engage with emails and convey their sentiments quickly and intuitively.

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