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Fantabulous Miss Universe Award won’t exist anymore

Yes, you heard it right. The title of Miss universe is going to change the criteria for participating in the competition. Wives and mothers can now compete and be the winner of the most prestigious award of Miss Universe.

The meritorious award to appreciate the robust, stunning, and spectacular women Miss Universe bringing a revolution with a thought-provoking idea. With each passing year, the Miss Universe title always came up with unique concepts. These conceptualizations truly revolutionized the beauty standard and people’s way of thinking on the aspect of making one winner out of the hundred’s participants based on qualities they’re blessed with. From judging women because of their looks and skin tone to considering their abilities in practical life (i.e., how they’re contributing to society) Miss Universe has become everyone’s favorite.

But the concept of including wives and mothers in this competition is making everyone fall in love with the concept of Miss Universe more than ever. Though every woman is perfectly playing her role in society, mothers and wives are giving so considerably more to this society. And they deserve their recognition to let them express their abilities to the fullest

One can imagine the excitement and thrill of this Miss Universe award as it’s going to attract massive people from all around the world. The people who always criticized this glorious award will finally make an end to this bashing culture because of this news of including married women and mothers in the competent Miss Universe.