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Do’s and Don’ts of Removing Makeup

Do’s and Don’ts of Removing Makeup

Source: L’Oreal Paris

There is no doubt that makeup can enhance your looks and beauty. However, many of us are too lazy to wipe it off after a long tiring day because we find it difficult.

Now here is the secret to a healthy and supple skin:  know these quick tips to remove makeup and then pursue your regular night-time routine, you will notice the difference in just a few days.

Do: Use Micellar Water

Cleansing or micellar water is the best way to clean your makeup-clad skin. Remember to soak a cotton ball completely in this solution before rubbing it on your face to avoid any rashes.


Don’t: Use Makeup Removing Wipes

Though many brands boast that their makeup removing wipes can do the job effectively, the reality is, they can’t. All these wipes do is swirl around the makeup on your face without deep cleansing the pores. The result is a poorly-cleaned skin that invites pimples and other skin-related problems.

Source: Ningbo Riway Daily Commodity PVT Ltd

Do: Double Cleansing the Skin

You can use a combination of oil and regular cleanser to clean your makeup. Start with the oil and continue with your cleanser for better results. In case, you are not wearing waterproof or heavy makeup, you can use regular cleanser in both the steps.


Don’t: Use Alcoholic Toners

These toners not only make your skin dry; they also fail to remove any makeup. So, it is a better idea to avoid them altogether when you want to wipe off your makeup.


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