ChatGPT’s new update will amaze you

ChatGPT's new update will amaze you

ChatGPT is getting a remarkable update that will take its capabilities to new heights. The AI Chatbot will soon have the ability to remember your personal details, preferences, and interests for future interactions. This means ChatGPT will be able to provide responses that are tailored specifically to you, making your conversations even more engaging and relevant.

With the introduction of the ‘custom instructions’ feature, you’ll have greater control over ChatGPT’s responses. By setting up your preferences, the chatbot will consider them in every conversation moving forward. This eliminates the need to repeat your details and ensures a seamless and personalized experience with ChatGPT.

For instance, if you’re a Muslim seeking alcohol-free steak recipes, you can simply inform ChatGPT about your preference. From then on, every recipe suggestion will exclude alcohol from its ingredients, giving you exactly what you’re looking for.

The best part is that this feature is already available in beta version under the Plus plan, and it’s expected to be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.