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Chase Up reaches to Gujranwala with amazing discounts

We always look for that store or shop who offers great variety and amazing discounts on most of their products. Chase Up is one of those stores which we always look for. They are working since 1984, from a family-owned business to 6 stores in Karachi, 1 store in Multan and 1 store in Faisalabad. The latest addition to this legacy is the store in the Gujranwala, which is launched on this 27 September.

Chase is selling a wide variety of clothing, footwear, Groceries, housewares, ladies fabrics, and health and beauty products to name a few. Chase Up plans to open more stores in Karachi and throughout the country in order to touch more and more customers every day with its ever-expanding range of quality foods at highly affordable prices, which is another great news.

During the major occasions (i-e Eid Celebrations, Birthdays, Ramazan and New Year) in the country, Chase Up offers amazing discounts to their customers.

One of the best point about Chase Up is, they also have a policy in which you can return to replace or refund. I don’t think most of the stores do this offer to their customers.

Chase up falls into the category of Hypermarket/Quality discounting in the retail sector. As already mentioned, chase up is opened its store in the Gujranwala, the city is situated in the Punjab Province of Pakistan. This is the biggest shopping center in the city.

In the inaugural ceremony, the CEO of the Chase up Mr. Salman Bashir, Jawad Bashir, Mustafa Bashir, Muhammad Rehan, Rao Jameel, Azhar Baig, and Syed Saim was present. On an opening day Chase up Gujranwala offered a discount of 15% to their customers, which bring whole Gujranwala to the chase up to avail this amazing discount.
That was the moment when gates were opened at the Gujranwala

RPO Gujranwala inaugurated the store, praised the Chase Up building and the store’s high-quality items. This store is located at the main GT Road, Gujranwala.

More pictures from the Launch Event.