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[Karachi, 22nd September, 2023] – The Young Leaders Conference (YLC) proudly enters its 22nd year with an inspiring theme, “Next is now, or never.” Over 220 energetic participants from across Pakistan will gather at Karachi’s Movenpick Hotel for a 6-day event featuring leadership training, influential speakers, and skills workshops. YLC’s founders, Kamran Rizvi, Team SoL, and Umair Jaliawala, along with valued partners, welcomed attendees, ensuring the conference’s success.

Umair Jaliawala led day 1 with Team SoL. Kamran Rizvi, Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of SoL, delivered an impactful diversity presentation, highlighting unity in our diverse world. Team Zahrsss added energy with motivating performances and songs, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

EBM, co-presenter this year, was represented by their Executive Director, Mr. Shahzain Munir. Shahzain passionately spoke about the enduring 22-year partnership between YLC and EBM, highlighting how YLC has nurtured young minds, equipped them with essential skills, and inspired leadership in various fields. He emphasized EBM’s role in empowering youth and turning their ideas into successful ventures.

Shahzain’s speech concluded with a sense of gratitude and optimism, followed by a celebration where Team SoL & EBM marked 22 years of YLC by cutting a cake.

Credit Carving Productions

Throughout the day, participants engaged in dynamic team-building activities, including “What’s My NEXT?” led by Waqar Ali, fostering leadership perspectives and forward-thinking visionaries.
Umair Jaliawala facilitated a team-building activity where participants bonded, created team flags, chants, and names, promoting camaraderie and fun.

The thought-provoking “Break the Cage” segment by Umair Jaliawala encouraged attendees to break self-imposed limitations and unlock their potential.
The day culminated in the expressive “Let’s Musify it” activity with Team Zahrsss and two rappers, allowing participants to channel their creativity through music, expressing their inner voices and aspirations.
YLC’s 22nd year is dedicated to the theme “Next is now, or never,” reaffirming our commitment to harnessing youth energy for a brighter future.

Credit: Carving Productions

Special thanks to our partners who made YLC 2023 possible for us: EBM, Pathfinder, Kapco, Hubco, J., Feroze 1888, DKT, KFC, Ismail Industries, Holiday express, Amwaj, SoLF, Carnelian, Nucleus, Torque, Jang Media Group, Catalyst, ALIF, UPSTAIRS, Carving, Movenpick.

About YLC
The Young Leaders Conference (YLC) is a venerable platform dedicated to nurturing the leadership potential of young individuals. Celebrating 22 years of excellence, YLC has consistently empowered youth to become catalysts for positive change within their communities and beyond. The “Now or Never” theme of this year’s event symbolizes YLC’s unwavering commitment to shaping a more promising future through the enthusiasm and potential of our youth and how the right time is now and not to wait anymore to make things possible.