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Samsung’s Upcoming Tablet: User-Replaceable Battery and S-Pen Included

Samsung's Upcoming Tablet: User-Replaceable Battery and S-Pen Included

Samsung is gearing up for the launch of its upcoming tablet, as indicated by a recent FCC listing. While the specific name of the device has not been confirmed, some key details have emerged. One notable feature is that the new tablet will continue to feature a user-replaceable battery, a characteristic carried over from its predecessor, although the specifics of the battery remain unclear.

The upcoming tablet is expected to be released in two variants, distinguished by their model numbers: SM-X300 for the Wi-Fi-only version and SM-X306B for the model with 5G connectivity. The anticipated price point for these tablets is around €800, aligning with the cost of the Tab Active 4 Pro. Additionally, like its predecessor, these tablets will come with an included S-Pen, enhancing the user experience.

Samsung has also expanded its tablet offerings with the release of the Galaxy A9 series, aimed at providing affordable options to the global market. The lineup currently includes the Galaxy Tab A9 and A9+, each catering to different preferences. The Tab A9 features an 8.7″ LCD display, while its larger counterpart, the Tab A9+, offers an 11″ screen. Notably, these models are lighter and have smaller battery capacities compared to their Tab S9 and Tab S9 FE counterparts.

The Tab A9 is equipped with a 5,100 mAh battery, while the Tab A9+ boasts a larger 7,040 mAh battery. Both models support 15W charging, although it’s important to note that the charger is not included and must be purchased separately.

These tablets offer two connectivity options: Wi-Fi only or cellular. The Tab A9 comes with LTE connectivity, while the Tab A9+ supports 5G, aligning with earlier reports that speculated the use of the Helio G99 and Snapdragon 695 chips for these models, although there has been no official confirmation from Samsung as yet. As Samsung continues to expand its tablet offerings, consumers can anticipate a range of choices to suit their preferences and needs in the near future.

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