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Netflix’s Cheaper Subscription Tier with Ads Gains Massive Traction: Hits 40 Million Users

Netflix's Cheaper Subscription Tier with Ads Gains Massive Traction: Hits 40 Million Users

Netflix’s strategy shift towards a cheaper subscription tier with ads seems to be paying off, with the streaming giant announcing a staggering 40 million users globally for this option during its 2024 upfront presentation. Launched over 1.5 years ago, the ad-supported tier quickly gained traction, hitting 5 million subscribers within six months. By January 2024, this figure had surged to 23 million, marking an impressive growth trajectory.

The recent surge in users saw the ad tier’s popularity skyrocket, jumping to 40 million in less than six months. This tier’s appeal is evident, with 40% of Netflix users in regions where it’s available opting for the cheaper option. With Netflix’s total subscriber count standing at 270 million as of April 2024, the ad-supported tier has carved a significant niche in the streaming market.

During the upfront presentation, Netflix unveiled plans to further expand the ad tier, signaling its commitment to diversifying its subscription options. Amy Reinhard, Netflix’s president of advertising, emphasized the importance of maintaining streaming technology excellence by bringing ad tech in-house. Netflix’s advertising partnerships, including Microsoft, Google, The Trade Desk, and Magnite, highlight the company’s strategic focus on advertising revenue.

In addition to its ad-supported offerings, Netflix is venturing into live events, securing streaming rights for NFL games on Christmas Day and planning to add live content such as comedy specials and WWE broadcasts. This strategic evolution reflects Netflix’s adaptation to changing market dynamics, as streaming services increasingly resemble traditional cable TV models.

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