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Lenovo launches world’s first see-through laptop

Lenovo launches world's first see through laptop

At the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Lenovo fulfilled its promise by unveiling Project Crystal, a concept laptop boasting the world’s first micro-LED display, resembling something out of a science fiction film.

Although Project Crystal is not slated for release in stores anytime soon, it serves as a testament to Lenovo’s innovative prowess. Commissioned by the company’s renowned ThinkPad division, this laptop integrates cutting-edge technology, featuring a micro-LED screen paired with AI advancements to deliver a see-through display. Practical applications envisioned for Project Crystal include settings like doctor’s offices or hotel reception desks.

One notable feature is the ability for users to reverse the display using software, eliminating the need for physically turning the screen around. Integration of a rear camera opens doors to potential augmented reality (AR) applications, such as object recognition. The transparent display allows overlaying diagrams or schematics onto objects, facilitating troubleshooting or repair tasks.

While the screen resembles ordinary glass when inactive, it can illuminate up to an impressive 3000 nits brightness. Lenovo is also contemplating adding a contrast layer to allow the screen to turn opaque like a regular laptop when needed. The keyboard setup deviates from convention, employing touch-based replacements with AI adjustments to enhance typing accuracy.

However, Project Crystal is not without its limitations. Drawbacks include limited ports, an older CPU, a fragile hinge, and a tendency to accumulate static charge. Despite these shortcomings, Project Crystal primarily serves as a showcase of innovative display technology rather than a fully functional laptop, highlighting Lenovo’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement in the realm of computing.

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