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Amazon Revolutionizes Auto Sales: Now Allowing Direct Car Purchases Starting with Hyundai

In a significant move, Amazon announced on Thursday that it will enable auto dealers to sell cars directly through its platform, starting with South Korean automaker Hyundai. While Amazon has been involved in the car-buying business for years, providing digital showrooms for buyers to compare and explore vehicles, the actual purchase was not conducted on the site.

However, commencing in 2024, customers will have the option to buy cars directly through Amazon’s online platform. The vehicles can then be either picked up or delivered through the associated dealer.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy expressed the intent to “create another way for dealers to build awareness of their selection and offer convenience to their customers.” This partnership with Hyundai is expected to revolutionize the ease with which customers can purchase vehicles online. It’s worth noting that despite this direct purchasing option, the dealer remains the end seller in this new approach.

As an added dimension to the collaboration, Hyundai will incorporate Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into its cars starting in 2025, enhancing the driving experience with advanced voice-activated features. This strategic move by Amazon represents a significant step towards transforming the traditional car-buying process and underscores the company’s commitment to providing customers with enhanced convenience and accessibility in the automotive retail space.

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